Expectoration disturbances in patients with COPD

V. N. Solopov, I. V. Lunichkina

Expectoration disturbances in patients with COPD

Soviet Association of aid to patients with cystic fibrosis
Pogodinscaya 8 – 2, 119121 Moscow, USSR.

We developed a method of estimation of the evacuation time (expectoration time) (Texp) of bronchial contents stained with haemoglobin (Hb) in patients with COPD. 155 patients were examined: 44 with intrinsic asthma, 111 with chronic bronchitis. It was found that Texp depends on the type of illness (X±m): asthma 41.5±4.4 h, non-obstructive 31.4±4.2 h., obstructive 64.7±4.3 h and pyo-obstructive bronchitis 116.1±7.8 h. Expectoration efficacy during a comparison of different drugs amounted to (X±m): 1) peroral: ambroxol 41.5±5.1%, bromhexine 37.9±8.6%, Mucodyne 30.4±7.6%; 2) inhalation: n-acetyl-cysteine 55.3±5.3%, 2% solution of sodium bicarbonate 58.4±3.8%, sodium bicarbonate in a dry aerosol form 52.5±9.7%. Conclusion: the choice of drug and introduction manner (peroral or inhalation) must be determined by the value of the expectoration time.

The European Respiratory Journal, 1990, Vol. 3, Suppl. 10, P1766.

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